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Welcome to Cortijo La Virgen

Welcome to Cortijo la Virgen

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With its orange groves sprawling along the fertile Guadiaro valley, Cortijo de la Virgen is quite a country estate. This stately home looks like it could have belonged to some aristocratic family and handed down for generations. It is a testimony to the family who bought the property back in 1983 and subsequently converted it into the authentic country home it is today. Cortijo de la Virgen had indeed been a grand cortijo right up to the 1960´s, when oranges replaced rice as the cash crop. In the 1970´s, however, the farm and house were abandoned, and fell into disrepair. So extensive was the rebuilding of this home, that of the original structures only an old arch and part of an old barn remain. They were incorporated into a new tower which now houses the self-contained guest rooms. The tower leads onto a traditional Spanish courtyard, complete with fountain and an image of the Virgin, from whom the cortijo derives its name.

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The Cortijo de la Virgen is built upon a large rock, and from the terrace, past extensive views to Castellar and the mountains beyond, vistas of the lush garden give way to the 18.5 hectares of orange groves which stretch all the way to the Guadiaro River. The bountiful supply of the property’s water well has enables the owners to create a fairytale garden in which a wealth of floral species thrive. Green is interlaced with rich colour as jacarandas, mimosas, roses and bougainvillea blossom on an elegant country estate.